“I love this church and thank God for it because in every class and every service, I know we will hear God’s Word. No matter what is going on in the world, I know God’s love, His Word, and His people are in this place.”
- Nancy

“The people are so just so great. You can tell that this is a church that loves God.”
- David W.

“I love my church because of all the opportunities to praise and worship the Lord. It is such a blessing to be a part of a church body that loves Jesus and has the heart to serve Him. I am so thankful for the love and fellowship in our church and its true Biblical teaching all these years.”
- Claire

The people. Everyone is so friendly here. And (I love) the sermons.”
- Destiny

“Everyone has a real spiritual vibe. It is a real safe place to be.”
- Dylan

“I like the size of (ECGrace). Having been in a larger church that got up to 3-4000 people, I was volunteering all the time but found I didn't know anyone. I needed more than an hour or two in the week. I needed friendship, too. I love the people, the music, and the friendliness. This is a small enough church that you feel like you can get to know everyone.”
- Debbie

“We both immediately felt the love of the people (at ECGrace). We felt they were showing God’s love to us. It was obvious that it was a church where God’s Word was loved, taught, and practiced.”
- Edie and Edna

“I think above all is the [church's] desire to focus on the truth of the Bible. When I come to ECGrace, I know I am not getting a fluffy sermon, but I am getting the truth. Community is second to that. It is what brought me in.” - Hayden

“I love this church! I hate fake stuff and can sniff it out from a mile away, but every conversation I have had (at ECGrace) and every sermon I have listened to has been so real. There are a lot of churches that I don't feel safe in, but that is not the case here.”
- Jackson

“I love the outreach to the community, being a church on the move, and of course - the people!” - Leo

“I love this church because everyone is so loving and truly cares for one another. You do not get lost in the crowd as the people here want to actually get to know you and are happy to see you. It is nice that there are people at a similar stage of life as us, but also that more mature Christians are willing to pour into you. The environment and the people foster a willingness to share about what is going on in their lives and be genuine.” - Amanda

“We initially came to the church and were blown away by the warm congregation. We came from a church where it was difficult to get involved and connected. The willingness of several in the congregation to help us feel welcome really made us feel comfortable at the church and excited to come back. "We both distinctly remember the family atmosphere that was exuded from all upon first walking into the foyer. Since then, we have enjoyed creating many relationships with the congregation. Even though we have only been going to the church for 4 months, we feel like family at ECGrace.”

“We also love the preaching from the Word of God and the depth to the message every Sunday. Pastor Aaron (Woodruff) does an excellent job showing the accurate historical and cultural message from the passage he preaches about. Additionally, when we have had questions about his sermon, he was excited to talk about it, hear our opinions, and display his understanding of the subject. The Perch has been a great small group as well, and we have been blessed to be involved with Pastor Tom's teaching and events.”
- Paul and Natalia

“That first Sunday (we visited ECGrace), several people called us by name as we left. That meant a lot to Sue and me. It was the love of the people that drew us. But the most important thing that drew us to ECGrace was that this church is a praying church. I sense that God is moving here and wants to further His kingdom through the wonderful people of ECGrace. This church has solid preaching of the Word and opportunities to disciple and teach.” – Phil G.

“I love how welcoming and inviting everyone is. Beyond that, how people truly care and have continued to be intentional with me and helping me grow.”
- Rachael

“There are two things: one, we have felt very warmly welcomed there by the community, and two, I love that the central focus of the church is the things which are most important in Scripture – the gospel and the salvation of souls. The church keeps the main thing, the main thing.” – Ross C.

“I love this church because the people in the church are your friends. They know you on a different scale than most churches. We have like an 80% service for our church family where almost everyone is in some type of ministry. We're an easy-going church where people can come as they are not having to always dress up but still nice. So that's what I love.” – Ross W.

“I love the community here. I have never been part of a church that feels like such a family and supports each other.” - Samantha S.

 “I love my church because we stand firm on God’s word. I love my church because we are a church of action. We are given the opportunity to grow personally in Jesus, teach others about Jesus, tell others about Jesus and love others like Jesus. I love my church because we are a family, and all are welcome to be part of it.” - Scott

“The first time I attended, I was greeted at the door with a sincere welcome and enthusiasm from several people. That hasn't changed through today. I feel like I 'belong' here as a member of the Body of Christ. It's a wonderful feeling! And my soul is fed from God's Word through the preaching and studying of the Truth.” - Sue

“They are a great loving family. This church is filled with caring people.” - Zach

“(ECGrace) is so friendly. I love the fact that there are so many men here, young and old, who are of good Christian faith able to preach and able to teach. They are great people!” - Jeff

“I love how they are Bible-oriented. The laypeople are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to Scripture.” – Phil P.

“It’s a body of believers committed to living out the Word of God. It is a church that stands upon truth and has a desire to love God and give Him glory in everything we do.”
- Taylor and Paige

“Our church, through the pastors and board's leadership under the direction of the Holy Spirit stays true to the Word. We do not move away from it whatsoever.”
- Jim

“I love my church not only because of the wonderful community here, but because the truth of God’s Word is taught and preached each Wednesday and Sunday! The Lord has blessed ECGrace with people who love Him and serve Him daily, obeying His Word inside and outside the church building. Our motto is “Sharing Salvation, Building Believers” which is exactly what we are doing! Praise God!”
- Elizabeth

“It is biblical! I love the expository preaching and the genuine Christian membership here at ECGrace.”
- Mark S.

“Our church truly is family. Granted, some of my family I know better than others, but I know without a doubt that if/when there is a need, my family will be there as I want to be there for them.”
- Jill

“I found at Eagle Creek Grace Bible Church what Jesus said true worshippers should do and that is to worship God in Spirit and truth. You can feel God's Spirit here. There is love, peace and harmony. Here the truth is preached from God's Word and Jesus Christ, the Truth of life is exalted.”
- Alice

“I love the church because of the Bible-based teaching, and the presence of transparent and sincere people who love God.”
- Michael C.

“I love this church because of the high priority placed on the truth found in the Word of God. The commitment to teaching, preaching, and living out such truth is so important to a church, and it is modeled beautifully at ECGrace! Because of this, you see a church body that loves one another and desires to grow and serve alongside one another! You will also be challenged in a Biblical way to grow and be a part of a church committed to following and obeying the Lord!”
- Pastor Jacob

“Our church is dedicated to the teaching of God’s Holy Word- ‘The Bible, the whole Bible and nothing but the Bible.’ We have an unwavering faith that the Bible’s inerrant message transforms lives and equips people for every area of life. We concur with Paul the apostle, ‘the gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes.’ Our church never compromises scripture. Our church is also made up of a loving body of believers ready to encourage, support and reach out to one another and share God’s love and grace with all.”
- Mark W.

“I love the teaching. The people are very friendly, and my two elderly aunts come here. I like the spirit of the church. It is very encouraging and uplifting to come here.”
- Robert

“I love many things! I love playing on the worship team with my beautiful wife. I love teaching and hanging with our Perch. I love giving big hugs to good buddies. I love seeing others grow, Christ exalted, and getting to walk life's bumpy road with my family in Christ.”
- Gabe

“We love the church’s strong commitment to the Gospel and sound Biblical doctrine. As well as the great heart and love Pastor Aaron has for both the Lord and each person under his ministry.”
- John and Vicki

“Its (ECGrace) sincerity and its faithfulness to the Word of God. I come for the preaching and teaching of the Word.”
- Bob N.

“One thing that I truly love about ECGrace is how welcoming and personable they have been. I will always appreciate and remember that. I am looking forward to future friendships!”
- Dominic

“The people. It's just how friendly everyone is. They don't just sit back and watch. Everyone chips in to help each other.”
- Anna

“I really love our devotion to the Bible and prayer, and that the pastors and teachers unapologetically teach the Word. Also, everyone demonstrates love and concern for each other!”
- Sally

“My number one thing that I love about ECGrace is that God’s Word is the foundation for everything our church does. The preaching is all about what God’s Word says. All the ministries are founded on God’s Word and then developed from there. Every Sunday and every Wednesday evening, we are encouraged to be in God’s Word every day. My number two thing that I love is the people. I consider my church family part of my extended family. They encourage me in my walk with the Lord and pray for me.”
- Jennifer

“The leadership of ECGrace continually leads us by both word and example into what a biblically active church looks like.”
- Ethan

“I love the sincerity of its members and dedication to the Word of God.”
- Brian