Are you a young adult (working, in college, both, neither, 18-35)?

Are you weary of superficial religion?

Are you hungry for fulfilling, authentic relationships?

Are you struggling with questions about God?

Want to be challenged to grow and engage in meaningful discussions?

Are you looking for a laid back atmosphere where you can be comfortable to be yourself?

The Perch is designed for singles and couples who are post-high school to mid-thirties. Our goal is to help young adults grow in their affection for, obedience to, and service to Christ. 

We do this by presenting real-life issues through the Bible in creative ways. We are passionate about helping young adults to live a life of victory and fulfill their calling in Christ Jesus. We like to get together and we believe in having strong Christian relationships.

We meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. in the Perch Room for fellowship, teaching, and equipping.



The Perch Mission

Our Purpose:
The Perch exists to spur young adults forward in growing in Christ with unmatched desire, serving Christ with intense vigor in our local body, and sharing Christ relentlessly to a lost and dying world.

Our How:
This happens through equipping from God’s Word, connection with the body of Christ, and investment in our community. We intentionally seek to create and build opportunities for each young adult designed to bring about a greater passion for Jesus and living out His mission daily.

Our Why:
The world needs Jesus as their Savior and everyone needs to hear the gospel. In doing this, we are obedient to Christ by loving Him and loving others.

Our Desire:
Our ultimate desire is to see all our young adults engaged in the purpose of The Perch and our community as we build a strong foundation now with a bridge to the future at ECGrace.

Our Commitment:
Our commitment to the Lord in obedience to Him and all our brothers and sisters in Christ at ECGrace is unwavering. We will invest in one another through teaching, prayer, encouragement, accountability, faithfulness, and service. 


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