What is the distance between “G” and “H”? Nothing!

 Just like there is no distance between "G" and "H" in the alphabet, there is no distance between grace and humanity.

At EC Grace, we care about our community around us, but it goes farther than that. We care about our city, state, country, and all of humanity, regardless of race, color, gender, nationality, age, or religion. God has poured out His unmerited favor (grace) upon humanity by giving His Son Jesus, all because of His love. This great gift is why Grace to Humanity (G2H) exists. 


 G2H is a way in which we pursue demonstrating this same love and grace. We may be at a homeless shelter, working in a food pantry, at our free Drive-Thru days, or even in your neighborhood doing some free yard work. If you see us, know this:  It is all because we received grace and want to share it. We have many wonderful opportunities each year to serve both in our community, as well as the local missions we support! Join us on our next G2H event!


We first started the demonstration of care to our community by coordinating a blood drive during the opening months of COVID-19. Teaming with our local blood bank we hosted the drive right at our church building and enabled our church and our community to come and give blood to help when it was needed most. There was no need to go far to give something that could help save a life!

Then we found an opportunity to help feed Indianapolis people in need when we assisted with a food bank's first-ever drive-through location! What a blessing it was to be able to help so many people in need during serious trials. Not only were physical needs met here, but we were also able to share Jesus and to pray with people who came.


After that, an urgent request came from our neighborhood to help someone whose yard needed help. Once again, G2H jumped into action. We are so excited to help, love, and make a difference right where we are. If you are interested in seeing more photos from these events click the links below:

Grace 2 Humanity at New Song Mission:


Grace 2 Humanity at the Parks' home:



Grace 2 Humanity at Juanita's home:



Grace 2 Humanity at New Song Mission 2020:



Grace 2 Humanity Neighborhood Outreach 2020:



Grace 2 Humanity Drive-Thru Food Bank:



Grace 2 Humanity Blood Drive: