Women of Joy is the Bible study for the women of Eagle Creek Grace Bible Church. They meet every Saturday morning at 9 a.m. It is for women and led by women. Regardless of what is being studied, each woman studies on her own throughout the week. This lends to a level of accountability as each woman can provide insight as well as ask questions from what they have gleaned through their own time of study in the given passage that week with the guidance that was provided.

These ladies do not simply show up and leave, rather they find that as they grow together in the Word their relationships with one another grow as well.  For in addition to their study, they sing praises to the Lord, share their burdens with one another, and take these burdens to the Lord in prayer.

Additionally, these Women of Joy are known to serve the Lord with joy together. For this is not just a simple Bible study, this is a group of women who love one another, and are looking to welcome the next who joins.