Welcome - come visit - everyone is welcome at Eagle Creek Grace Bible Church! Whether you're just wondering about the Christian faith or desiring to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ, we'd love for you to be our guest!


People at our church are at many different places in their spiritual walk;
some are just starting to investigate the Christian faith; others are growing
in their relationship with Jesus. None of us are perfect, but we are all in
pursuit of knowing about or walking more faithfully with Jesus,
and it all starts with one step.


Eagle Creek Grace Bible Church serves the greater Indianapolis area. You will find us to be family oriented with training and activities for all age levels. Our worship services are a blend of modern and traditional music with an emphasis on the teaching of God's Word. We are here to share salvation and build believers to the glory of God.

Pastor Aaron Woodruff began his role as Senior Pastor in November of 2016 and under his leadership the church has been building new ministries while expanding older ministries both in the church and geared toward the community.
We are excited to see what God will do and hope to share these exciting times with you.


7001 West 46th Street Indianapolis, IN 46254
(317) 293-3372