Raising a child can be one of the most exciting and overwhelming times of lives. As parents look at outside influences, they are naturally concerned about the impact these influences will have. At Eagle Creek Grace Bible Church, we desire to support the parent in their responsibility of raising their child. We do this through our Sunday children’s ministry which serves families by providing quality childcare in the nursery and then grows with them through age 12 by introducing them to their Creator in a safe and nurturing environment.
Our children’s ministry is operated with safety and security as our foremost concern. Many of our leaders and volunteers are or have been parents themselves, and we believe it’s important that every worker leads by providing the same level of care they would to their own children. 
  • Competent Volunteers: All our childcare workers have been background screened for safety purposes. We are also continually training our volunteers on best safety practices.
  • Secure premises: In addition to teachers and aides, we have dedicated support volunteers who make sure that our building is secure.


For infants-18 months (nursery) and 18 months - three year olds (toddlers). Providing quality childcare and teaching for our most precious little ones.






For children 3- 6 years old. Providing quality childcare while interacting with them on their level and teaching them they are loved by Jesus.




For children 6-12 years old. We continue to build discipleship relationships as we walk with them through keys truths of our identity in Jesus and building a foundation in the Word of God for a lifelong walk with Jesus.


If you asked most children whether they want to "explore" an exhibit or "read" about it, most would choose to explore. The Bible is meant to be read, but unlike any other piece of literature, it's also living and active. The Word of God exists to be explored! Your children can dig deep into the greatest excavation site in existence–Scripture. As they dwell in the Word, book-by-book, they will experience the Bible like never before. Every session brings the Bible to life through rich study and engaging Bible objects, equips kids with foundational Bible knowledge and skills, and encourages them to live what they learn everywhere they go.