A Study in Philemon

Love that Forgives (Philemon 1:18-25)

Pastor Aaron Woodruff
After Paul gives Philemon four love incentives for reconciliation with Onesimus, he paints a vivid picture of forgiveness. Paul assumes Onesimus' debt as his own, reminds Philemon of Philemon's personal debt, and in faith urges Philemon to prepare to receive him after his imprisonment. Here we see a rich parallel to Christ’s work on our behalf and His coming return. Listen to learn what this episode from the early church tells us about our need to forgive.
Sunday, December 3, 2017


A Study in Philemon

n the book of Philemon, the apostle Paul gives counsel to Philemon regarding his runaway slave Onesimus. Onesimus was changed by the Gospel of Jesus and Paul lays out four love incentives for reconciliation between Philemon and Onesimus. Listen to learn how these four incentives can foster unity among the church today.

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