Calling Abram

When Disappointment Leads to Discipline (Genesis 12:10-13:4)

Pastor Tom Ricker
Circumstances arise in everyone’s life which cause us to question what we thought we knew. We become disappointed in those we trusted in, perhaps even in the God we thought we knew. This is exactly where we find Abram. Living in the desert land of the Negev is hard. And it only becomes more difficult when famine hits. See how to live through difficult circumstances, and overcome falling down, when disappointment leads to discipline.
Sunday, October 28, 2018


Calling Abram

Looking for a better job, a better home, a better financial situation? Wish you had a better family life? Better education? Looking for your calling? This world has claimed to present a lot of reasons for living, but there is a better reason, one with real purpose and promise. There is a call going out, will you answer?

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