Hosea: Wisdom For Our Age


When Hate is Wise (Hosea 14:1-8)

Pastor Aaron Woodruff
Throughout the Hosea series, we have seen that Hosea is a book full of wisdom for the ages. As a Christian, we should never want to be associated with the word “hate.” What if you were to find out that certain hate is a good thing? Is hate ever wise? If you tune in and hear this message, you may find out one way to experience the fullness of God’s love is to learn how to hate in a godly way.
Sunday, March 27, 2022


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Hosea: Wisdom For Our Age

It seems in our society everyone is searching for wisdom and truth. Can a minor prophet, an Old Testament book, give the answer and clarity needed for you and the Church today? Listen as we start the journey through Hosea as we begin to answer this question.

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